(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. fort[ress], stronghold; donjon, keep; rook. See defense, abode.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. stronghold, manor, fortress, ch?teau, citadel, seat, villa, keep, donjon, fort, hold, safehold, refuge, fastness, acropolis, alcazar; see also building 1 , fortification 2 , palace .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
fortress, citadel, stronghold, keep, manor, chateau, mansion, alcazar.
attack on: siege
bottlery: buttery
bridge spanning moat: drawbridge
candle storeoom: chandlery
castle used as a prison: bastille
circular turret with a conical roof: pepperbox turret
crossbow storage room: ballistraria
domestic official in charge of supplies: chamberlain, seneschal, steward
door, huge, grated: portcullis
doorman: usher
fort surrounded by fortified village: castellum
gateway, minor: postern
governor of: castellan
holes or slits through which archers shoot: archeria, arrow loops, loopholes, balistraria, murder holes
knight’s practice yard: tiltyard
lady of: chatelaine
lights: rushlights
main inner tower, keep: donjon
mass of earth: bastion, rampart
mobile tower used by attackers to reach castle defenders: belfry
notched parapet: battlement
notches, solid area between: merlon
notch in parapet: crenel
outer wall ringing castle: curtain wall
owner: lord
privy: garderobe
roof wall: parapet
seating platform of lord: dais
siege engine used against: catapult, mangon, trebuchet
small tower above main structure: turret
sunny family room: solar
timber tower: brattice
tower/structure protecting a drawbridge: barbican, gatehouse
trench around: moat
turret that overhangs: bartizan
underground prison: dungeon
waste receptacle: cess pit
yard area within outer walls: ward, bailey, courtyard

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